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Pottery by Dr. Geri Anderson

I do unique, one of a kind, hand built pottery. Waves are my thing. All of my pieces reflect my love of things coastal; waves, fish, palm trees, and turtles. I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, so I grew up with the surf of my hometown and Padre Island. At 26, I left Texas with a Ph.D. in counseling psychology and joined the faculty at the University of Georgia. There I met and married my husband of 55 years, Jim. We both spent our careers there. We moved to the beach between Port St. Joe and Apalachacola 20+ years ago. There I joined the Indian Pass Potter�s coop. For the last several years, I have sold many pieces of pottery and have contributed all of the proceeds to the Wheelchair Foundation of America. This foundation gives wheelchairs to people who would otherwise be on the ground and immobile. This has become my passion: "turning clay into wheelchairs, with God�s help."
Every piece of Geri's pottery helps provide water wells and/or food for the poor. All of Geri's proceeds from her pottery sales are donated to one of her charitable causes.
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